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Printing Log

Printing log

Print history Color Notes Date STL Gcode
Prusa logo Purple Test 17.08.20 Came with USB Came with USB
Cigarette case - P01 Purple Main body 17.08.20 Thingiverse
Usb Cover Purple Prusa Mod 17.08.20 PrusaPrinters
Cigarette case - P02 Purple cap 17.08.20 Thingiverse
Printing test Purple not completed - out of purple! 17.08.20 Thingiverse
screen cable guide clips Black 3 pieces 18.08.20 Thingiverse
Screen back cover Black Prusa Mod 18.08.20 PrusaPrinters
mask ear saver strap Black 2 pieces 18.08.20 Thingiverse
Wifi Coster Black 2 pieces 18.08.20 Self made
Minda Saver (Cable Guide) Black Prusa Mod 18.08.20 Thingiverse
Ikea-Lack stack adapter Black Prusa Mod - 4 pieces 18.08.20 PrusaPrinters
Laptop Stand Black 2 pieces 18.08.20 Thingiverse
X axis strain relief Black Prusa Mod 18.08.20 Thingiverse
Electronic box - P01 Black Prusa Mod 18.08.20 Thingiverse
Electronic box - P02 Black Prusa Mod 18.08.20 Thingiverse
Baseline test Black Test 19.08.20 Teaching Tech
under extrusion test Black 19.08.20 Thingiverse
Ambiguous Cylinder Black 19.08.20 Thingiverse
Egg surprise 6 Black Jet 19.08.20 Thingiverse
Cigarette case - P02 Black cap 19.08.20 Self made
Egg surprise 6 White Egg 19.08.20 Thingiverse
Flexi Unicorn White 19.08.20 Thingiverse
Minecraft gear White 20.08.20 Thingiverse
Deer Ring White Size 8 20.08.20 Thingiverse
Keyboard switch White 20.08.20 James Stanley 0.2mm_PLA_MINI_27m.gcode
Mouse ring White Size 7.5 20.08.20 Thingiverse
Minecraft creeper White 20.08.20 Thingiverse
Plumbus W/Keyring hole White 20.08.20 Thingiverse
Extruder Visualizer Engine White 20.08.20 Thingiverse
Middle Finger Z Axis Visualizer Black 20.08.20 Self made
Morty White 21.08.20 Thingiverse
Rick White 22.08.20 Thingiverse
Pan top White 22.08.20 Self made
Hermione Granger pop White 23.08.20 Thingiverse
Filament Filter Black 23.08.20 PrusaPrinters
Filament sensor holder Black 70 mm arm 23.08.20 PrusaPrinters
Temp Tower Orange 25.08.20 Teaching Tech
Slack Lack Orange 25.08.20 Thingiverse
Covid Hunter mask Orange&Black 01.09.20 Thingiverse
Mr. Meeseeks White resize to fit a magnet 01.09.20 Thingiverse
Pi 4 case Black 01.09.20 PrusaPrinters
Pi 4 Cover Orange 01.09.20 PrusaPrinters
Lack Filament Guide Orange 01.09.20 Thingiverse
Mask quick release Black bad print 03.09.20 PrusaPrinters
Mask quick release small Black added my logo 03.09.20 PrusaPrinters

To-Print list

Last update: 2020-09-12
Relevant to: label_outline Mini label_outline STL