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This page will be somewhat of a trophy case.
not every print will show up here
but the ones that does, will be accompenied by pictures and a few extra words.

Ikea Slack Lack

Took over 120 printing hours.

Slack stacked Lack

Slack lack from Thingivese

slack Lack Parts

angle view

angle view

Doors closed

One door is closed while the other tucked in

The bottom table is held in place with the stacking adapter from PrusaPrinters
close up

And a nice filament guide from Thingiverse

Prusa upgrades

Usb Cover - Prusa Printers
Screen back cover - Prusa Printers
Minda Saver (Cable Guide) - Thingiverse
X axis strain relief - Thingiverse
Electronic box - Thingiverse
Filament Filter - Prusa Printers
Filament sensor holder - Prusa Printers
Pi 4 case - Prusa Printers
Pi 4 Cover - Prusa Printers


Extruder Visualizer Engine - Thingiverse
Middle Finger Z Axis Visualizer - Prusa Printers

Rick and Morty collection


Mr. Meeseeks

Hunter (covid-19) mask

Took just under 18 printing hours.

I've also added a quick release for the mask

Last update: 2020-09-12
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