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online cheat sheets and notable into thats always handy


Teaching Tech 3D Printer Calibration
AprintaPro printing guide
Print Quality Troubleshooting Guide

Online cad

sometimes you just need to make or edit something on the go

  • Tinkercad - it's simple and it works and it's simply just works!
  • FossCAD - open soruce CAD online
  • OpenJsCad - Web Javascript to run OpenCad on the go.

Prusa Mini Mods

Prusa Mini offical Firmware - technicly it's not a mod, but always hand to have a link to the soruce at hand.
Prusa Mini Silicone Bed Leveling Mod - Sometimes Mesh Bed Leveling just isn't enough
Prusa Mini Print Surface Shoot Out

silicone hot end sock

  • On Facebook in the /groups/prusaminiusers there is a person named Thomas Levendig who makes and sells them to people.
  • You can try and make you're own, as detailed here
Editor's note

I've bought from Thomas and it's on the way. I'll update once it will arrive.

Prusa Mini and Octoprint

Upgrade your OctoPrint install to Python 3!
Bed Level Visualizer GCode Sample
Feedrates for MINI setup

Prusa Mini Octoprint profile

Where to get STLs

Thingiverse - there is also an alternative search engine for this site called Search Thingiverse by BuildBee
Prusa Printers - not just for Prusa printers.
My Mini Factory
Cults 3D - both paid and free
Grab CAD - some of the files here are models that isn't intended for 3D printing.
STL Finder - another general search engine for STLs.

Telegram groups for STLs

Telegram is a great source for STLs as well, please note that some of them may infringe copyright, so use at your own risk.
Anonymous STL
Every STL
Automotive - Boats - Aircrafts
Marvel STL
Dragon Ball STL
Cosplay & Static Figure Free STL
Free STL Miniatures & Terrain
Star Wars STL
3D Printing Adult Free STL
Guns and Manly Stuff
Animals FREE STLs

Online help

Hebrew Facebook groups (in no order whatsoever)

English FB group - Prusa Mini users

Prusa Mini official forum
Prusa 3D unofficial Sub-Reddit

Last update: 2020-09-16
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